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Painting during cleaning process

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About Us

Our studio staff trained and worked in several art conservation studios in New York City. They also have degrees and studied fine art, art history and conservation in Italy,
New York and Latvia. We are affiliated with national and international associations in the conservation field.

Both of our founding directors, Domenico & Bonnie Mattozzi, are Professional Associates with the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC).

Board of Directors:

Bruce Buxton
Angelo Cushman
Ruth Greene-McNally
Bonnie Mattozzi
Domenico Mattozzi
Dave O'Connell
Paula Rosch
Cynthia Rumery Taylor
Anne B. Zill

The Maine Project for Fine Art Conservation-Project MEAC (ME Art Conservation) is the only non-profit Fine Art Conservation lab-studio in the State of Maine. We are committed to preserving art from museums and historical societies in Maine and New England and also strive to conserve artworks belonging to families and individuals. We at Project MEAC believe that these artworks belong to a complex historical patchwork. Conserving and preserving them will help define New England's cultural heritage for future generations.

News -

February 2015: We are pleased to announce two new Board members: Dave O'Connell and Angelo Cushman.

June 2014:
Baxter Sate Park continues to support the conservation work of the “Portrait of Governor Baxter”

March 2014:
The Maine Project for Fine Art Conservation-Project MEAC is very pleased to announce a new addition to our Board of Directors. Ruth Greene-McNally is a tremendously experienced and well-published curator. Her depth of knowledge and vast experience in all areas of curatorial practice, collections management and preventative conservation will be a huge asset to our organization. Welcome, Ruth, and thank you!

March 2014:
Two Josef M. Arentz seascape painting donated to Project MEAC
"In loving memory of Anne and Andy Phillips of South Portland, Maine"
Arenz Seascape

October 2013:
Project MEAC received a grant from the Davis Family Foundation
for a mobile floor stand and a stereo microscope.

March 20th, 2013:
WCSH - 207 - The Art Doctors

More Info: WCSH6.com

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Conservation Services

The Maine Project for Fine Art Conservation operates a Conservation laboratory in Portland, Maine. The Conservation services are provided by The Maine Project staff, with assistance from interns. The works of art restored in the lab belong to nonprofit organizations, such as museums and libraries, governments, individuals and businesses. The Maine Project for Fine Art Conservation charges fair market value for its Conservation services. However, some projects may be funded by grants, and The Maine Project restores certain works owned by a government or 501(c)(3) organization for less than fair market value.

Educational Programs for Schools

Teaching and Outreach: The Maine Project's staff offers guest lectures in its facilities, colleges, universities, and museums. They are active in promoting public awareness of the value of fine art heritage and Conservation. Toward that end, the staff makes presentations on art, art history, and art conservation for grades K- 12 throughout the State of Maine.

Professional Internships: The Maine Project offers internships through which University students receive college credit for time they spend working with the staff in the Conservation lab. The Maine Project also invites students from other institutions to work in the lab and some may receive college credit for doing so.

Educational Programs for the Insurance Industry

The Maine Project for Fine Art Conservation also offer educational programs for insurance adjusters, insurance companies and agents in order to conserve works of fine art instead of being discarded. Staff members have developed and presented lectures that are approved by the states of Maine and New Hampshire for continuing education credits for insurance adjusters and agents.

Sharing Information in the Professional Community

The Maine Project for Fine Art Conservation expects to develop exchange programs and working relationships with art conservation organizations, institutions, and individuals in the U.S. and abroad. The Maine Project will send its staff to professional conferences and other educational programs in the U.S. and abroad and may offer financial and other assistance to local Conservation students to attend such programs.

Improving Methods and Materials

The Maine Project for Fine Art Conservation expects to work with the chemistry departments of area universities and colleges to study and develop "green" methods and materials for Conservation.